Yet another take on socialized medicine

Last September, on a trip to Amsterdam, my husband took a side-trip over a sidewalk crack, fell on his face and ended up with bruised ribs, and battered elbow, knee, wrist, and a generally unhappy night in the hotel.  The next morning, we took a taxi to the central University Hospital, waited less than 5 minutes in the nearly empty waiting room, saw a nurse, then an ER doc in quick succession, had several X-rays of his elbow, wrist, knee, and ribs, and walked out after paying a $400 charge.  We had expected several thousands of dollars at the very least, and were more than pleasantly surprised, not only at the very delightful, complete and helpful service, but at the flat fee of $400.  Our insurance at home happily reimbursed all but the $100 deductible, and our travel insurance covered the rest.  So much for the dire scenarios of socialized care.

And now, I just read an almost identical case, in London:

I wonder what is wrong with our so-called unfettered “free” capitalist system, that for all the money we throw at it, we can’t get even close to decent care for what we already pay, and we can’t even cover the majority of people!!!  Our statistics on infant mortality and longevity and almost any standard for industrialized societies is dismal, yet as a whole, we continue to decry the push for “socialized medicine” as akin to moving to a communist state.  Hello, wake up and smell the kind and gentle care other countries give their citizens,AND their visitors!

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