Again, my favorite blog….

Never said it better!  Barry Ritholtz has such a way with words and of course, the fact that I happen to agree with him doesn’t hurt.

In his blog, The Big Picture, he writes that the media has finally woken up from a 10-year sleep and is coming to the “long overdue conclusion that the right wing in the US is a fantasy-based denier of reality.”  But the way Ritholtz says it just hits the nail on the head and points out the stupidity and blindness of those who should have been investigating the facts and pointing them out to us, the public.  That is what we rely on from the press. Instead all they have done is repeat the distortions and outright lies the right churns out and reports them without investigating the truth of any of it.

Do read the entire article, but his conclusion reads:

“The Retreat from Empiricism has been detailed over the years, but not by the mainstream media. It has been the alternative press — websites, blogs, critics outside of the mainstream — who have stated the obvious for many, many years. Somehow, the Media missed nearly all of it. It wasn’t until after the Katrina disaster that the scales fell from Press’ eyes. Suddenly, in the middle of George W. Bush’ second term, the Press found their voice. Years after 9/11, after the national terror alert was manipulated for political purposes, long after the Nation was lied into a war of choice through dishonest and deceptive means at great cost in blood and treasure, did the Media found [sic] its voice.

Heckuva job there, Press corps . . .”

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